I Can’t Breathee

A photo which shows one moment, of every moment. By my side, always with me. The dreams continue. You are there. But you are dying. And then I find this picture and stumble across this song and my eyes start leaking. I miss you, so very much, I miss you. I Can't Breathe Somebody get [...]

Six Weeks

(https://www.oif.ala.org/oif/?p=9937) Week 1: The man in his mid 20’s is presented wearing a stiff white shirt with a bright blue necktie. He sits behind an oak wood desk, the paperwork covering it seems to be placed in even piles as a laptop has been placed to one side, idle. The sound of a clock ticking [...]


• 92% of parents thought that their child’s school attendance difficulties were related to undiagnosed/unsupported SEND • Despite this, 20% had been told not to bother applying for an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) and a further 20% did not know what an EHCP was • 55% parents were blamed for their child’s attendance [...]

March is Here

I had not been prepared for March - February seemed to fly by! For March I have landed on the idea of meditating and giving up bacon (just for the one month). This is a hardship already. I am struggling so very much to meditate. I find that the breathing exercises remind me way too [...]


For February, I gave up carbonated drinks. No more Pepsi, no more Dr Pepper, no more! I expected to struggle, for it to be incredibly difficult to accomplish. I was wrong. I have managed so incredibly well and I am now in a place where I have not wanted to bring them back into my [...]

Learning Something New

Today, within my University lecture I learnt something new - kind of the point, I know... but still... In my Law and Policy lecture this morning, we discussed all things law related and we were pointed in the direction of a case involving the Mental Health Act and the Human Rights Act. No other information [...]

Anxiety is

Anxiety is: not catching your breath Anxiety is: not wanting to move Anxiety is: needing to move Anxiety is: taking sugar in your tea, but not reaching over to lift it from the pot Anxiety is: shaking so much that the whole world seems to move on its axis Anxiety is: fingers placed in ears, [...]