Tomorrow could change my life. A door is open and I am walking through it. The opportunity is there, the chance that will help me to create the life that I long to live. It is scary as hell. I am waiting for it to not happen, expecting it to be another dead end. It is less scary if everything stays as it is. Even if I am not happy with how it is, right now. Change is scary, right?

I really want this chance. This opportunity, even if it is temporary, would offer me so much. Independence, freedom and confidence. I will have another stepping stone to help me to live. To no longer be thinking about it or hoping for it. I will be living the dream of where I should be. No longer looking at others and wondering what that feeling is like to have *that*.

If it doesn’t happen. Then at least the experience of trying will give me more confidence to approach the next opportunity.

First Post

I feel this first post should be an ‘introduction’ to me but right now, I am just trying to decide whether or not I should put a full stop on the TITLE…

13/11/16 was Remembrance Sunday and I marched in my village parade, out of respect and in honour of my Grandad who served in the Second World War.
“First Post” makes me think of “Last Post” and reminds me of how in my world, right now, this is my latest achievement. I spend a lot of time looking and thinking about all of the things I am not doing that I try to acknowledge and be proud for the things I do manage to do. 15094984_1217022671654408_1296039744109118221_n-001

Now, what do I like? What kind of things are likely to pop up on this blog page? Good question! For the most part – I have no idea.

Some Swan Queen… Got to be done. Love these two.
Picture found on []tumblr_nyh4e0drzk1taxxn3o1_1280

These two! Jessica Capshaw and Sasha Alexander.

I don’t want to go over the top and insert photo after photo of all the women that I admire and fangirl over – we’d be here forever! Although…


I always say to people that I’m not a big reader, which I honestly believe…except when it comes to fan fiction. I could spend forever and a day reading some of the stories I stumble across. I have dabbled a little bit with writing fan fiction and if I’m brave enough, I might continue with it and post some up on here.

So, yeah…this is me. Hello! 😉