This is worth seeing - such an amazing journey and it still stays with me, on my mind frequently. Katherine Brooks, ladies and gentlemen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgE0aWIojbM

RED January

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Make those Choices

Take a breath, Wear that dress, that top. Change your shoes, Put on those heels. Straighten your posture, Raise your head to look them in the eye. Choose what you want, Ignore the voices that tell you differently, that shame you. Embrace your difference, Choose to change what you aren't comfortable with. Make those changes. … Continue reading Make those Choices


I had thought I was a nuisance, An oddball, The black sheep. It took leaving, A shot in the dark, The result immense. A letter sent out, The response, "Do your best, it is all you can do." I felt my heart skip. A phone call, later, The words, "She says she loves hearing from … Continue reading Immense

Divine Intervention

It was not planned, it was not something I had thought I was going to do today. Sitting by the grave, looking at their names carved into the headstone, I talk... "I need some sort of divine intervention. I don't know what to do. Do I move to the City and work to improve my … Continue reading Divine Intervention