This is Tradition

…and in the darkness, stood a Christmas tree. The lights from each branch reflected in the eyes of those gathered. The evening was still and calm, and as more people approached, a lull met the atmosphere. The voices of children rose as they gained their confidence. Teachers stood by their side, encouraging, coaching, arms conducting … Continue reading This is Tradition


It is 1998, the house is warm - it smells like homemade pastries. Across the room, a family is gathered. 2 ft tall, green branches reach out. "Do you want to place these chocolates on, sweetheart?" She asks with a soft smile. They sit on the floor giving careful consideration of what gets placed where. … Continue reading Trees


There are carols ...everywhere. There are trees, with bows and bright, bright lights. I am not ready yet ...never ready yet. There is that feeling in the air, it is here. An empty chair, two of them ...empty arms. The lights are there, harsh and blinding, a watery perspective. There is cheer ...everywhere. JustMe.