Today I Was A Soldier

I have returned 'home' - to my¬†mother's house. To start this time off well, to hit the ground running - I set off to Church this morning. I thought a calming and comforting environment would be nice, maybe one or two familiar faces that I would not be opposed to seeing. I found myself surrounded … Continue reading Today I Was A Soldier


It is 8am, I am so tired. The neighbours have kept me awake until the early hours and they pay no consideration to me having made plans. It is 9am, I need to get ready. The weather here has been cold and dreary and I have no idea what to wear, only that it needs … Continue reading Sunday


I don't think it was a good idea, but maybe it was. I was meant to be taking photographs - "our official church photographer." I did indeed get the job done, but mostly I sat there in awe. The service was beautiful and it was a ceremony I had not borne witness to before. In … Continue reading Flashback