Hello, I am Chloe

    Growing up, I was always a happy and confident child. I was the joker, the little comedian going out of her way to make silly faces and look daft in the hope of making people smile. Always putting on shows, dancing and joking. As the years went by and I grew older, things … Continue reading Hello, I am Chloe


She walks slowly through the streets, hands holding on tightly to the handles in front of her. Her smile is tight and her knuckles white as they grip strongly. The paths are easy to navigate, the space is open and encourages her to keep pushing forwards. “Stop here!” Ron points to a spot just slightly … Continue reading Foresight

I Did This Thing

Reminiscence She walks merrily through the streets without conscious thought. Headphones dangling down over her summer top, swinging from side to side as her steps quicken. She walks with exhilaration, a bounce in her step. Stopping briefly and taking her iPod and phone from her pockets to place them in her bag alongside her headphones, … Continue reading I Did This Thing


There is no good news where this illness is concerned. I often wonder if there are people who have as little information as I, who are too scared to Google but still want to know. I have spent some time today looking through a reliable website, gathering the basics. For the me from a decade … Continue reading Dementia’s