I am here.  I moved, to the big City.  I am there.  I made it,  to the classroom.  Here I am, studying. I am undertaking one of my biggest challenges - a BA (Hons) degree. I have been sitting in various rooms, listening to people talk about their experiences.  Then a feeling that has always… Continue reading Imposter


I had a jar of hopes - a literal jar that I would fill with small pieces of paper with my hopes written down. Today, the wind sent the jar flying and it smashed. All my hopes that I have not read since I wrote them down, scattered all over the floor. I have debated… Continue reading Hope


1918-1939 Reading Writing Mathematics Science Home Economics 2016/2017 English Mathematics  Science Art and Design Citizenship Computing Design and Technology Geography History Languages Music Physical Education After some random thinking, I was curious about what the differences were regarding education we received and the education our grandparents received. It is these topics that pop up in… Continue reading Education