I had a jar of hopes - a literal jar that I would fill with small pieces of paper with my hopes written down. Today, the wind sent the jar flying and it smashed. All my hopes that I have not read since I wrote them down, scattered all over the floor. I have debated… Continue reading Hope

The Sea! The Sea!

Luis De Camoens, William Wordsworth, John Keats, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Robert Frost and Philippe Jaccottet. The Sea! The Sea! An Anthology of Poems. (2005). Edited by Peter Jay. London: Anvil Press Poetry. In association with the National Maritime Museum. Luis De Camoens On a Shipmate, Pero Moniz, Dying at Sea. My years on ear were short, but long for… Continue reading The Sea! The Sea!

There is a reason I came out here. A reason, why now. This day, this time. A memory of you. A physical reminder. This gentleman wearing a cap. The people we meet are for a reason. The air noticeably cools now I am sitting here alone. It was hot a few moments ago, The sun's… Continue reading