Day 21

And then with 5 little words, the stresses were gone. The words came out of nowhere, from somewhere behind her and were so very much familiar... and British, that she actually felt herself sigh. "Stick the kettle on, then."

Day 14

And their eyes met. The supermarket was quiet, only one or two people walking around the isles. A whole world of regret passed through the eyes of one, while years of sadness passed through the other's. As they walked by each other, shopping trolleys almost grazing, there was a whispered, "happy birthday".  


A friend said to me yesterday, "I have to try, right?" Yes. You do. Fighting against social anxiety, off they went to socialise after a long break away from such things. This morning, I asked him, "Did you have a good night?" Yes. I did. Small steps win the race, folks. Know your limits and… Continue reading Try