A Bad Routine

Some times things happen at the right time, without any time to prepare. Some times, these things are exactly what is needed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRSA4X2RGGc&feature=youtu.be

One Day

You always told me, “One day…” Trying in vain to prepare me for these days. In the early days, I notice your hat is still there – I make a mental note to ask if I can keep it, But then in the blink of an eye – it is gone. I take your collection … Continue reading One Day


"Residential Population: 21,707." "The proportion of ethnic minorities is 4.6% - significantly lower, by 12.2%, than nearby regions." This is where I grew up. I do not recall any child being from an ethnic minority at school. I do not recall seeing a person who was not white. This is where I grew up. I … Continue reading Unimaginably

Make those Choices

Take a breath, Wear that dress, that top. Change your shoes, Put on those heels. Straighten your posture, Raise your head to look them in the eye. Choose what you want, Ignore the voices that tell you differently, that shame you. Embrace your difference, Choose to change what you aren't comfortable with. Make those changes. … Continue reading Make those Choices


It is 1998, the house is warm - it smells like homemade pastries. Across the room, a family is gathered. 2 ft tall, green branches reach out. "Do you want to place these chocolates on, sweetheart?" She asks with a soft smile. They sit on the floor giving careful consideration of what gets placed where. … Continue reading Trees


"You want me to speak? You want to hear my voice? Then listen to me. I’m a subtle person, I ain’t about to start shouting just so my voice rises above yours. You want to hear what I want to say, you gotta shut up for a second and listen to me." -JustMe


Moving does not solve all problems - I was aware of this. I had reminded myself of this everytime I saw a film where the protagonist's past followed them into their present. Moving felt like breathing. Almost like for the first time in my whole goddamn life, I could breathe easy. No more elephants sitting … Continue reading Breathe

…But Not Too Much

I decided I need to treat this place as though it is home because that is exactly what it is now. For the last couple of weeks, I have walked around and ventured to different areas without much thought. At home, I used to go out for a Pepsi, sit and relax and enjoy the … Continue reading …But Not Too Much

Divine Intervention

It was not planned, it was not something I had thought I was going to do today. Sitting by the grave, looking at their names carved into the headstone, I talk... "I need some sort of divine intervention. I don't know what to do. Do I move to the City and work to improve my … Continue reading Divine Intervention


I had a jar of hopes - a literal jar that I would fill with small pieces of paper with my hopes written down. Today, the wind sent the jar flying and it smashed. All my hopes that I have not read since I wrote them down, scattered all over the floor. I have debated … Continue reading Hope