A Bad Routine

Some times things happen at the right time, without any time to prepare. Some times, these things are exactly what is needed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRSA4X2RGGc&feature=youtu.be


This is worth seeing - such an amazing journey and it still stays with me, on my mind frequently. Katherine Brooks, ladies and gentlemen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgE0aWIojbM

One Day

You always told me, “One day…” Trying in vain to prepare me for these days. In the early days, I notice your hat is still there – I make a mental note to ask if I can keep it, But then in the blink of an eye – it is gone. I take your collection … Continue reading One Day


Happy January! It is already a month of discovery and firsts. I have started the year off with a bang and already done several things that I have never before done. What an experience! I am a teetotal person, I have zero interest in any kind of substances or drugs (apart from caffeine). This did … Continue reading January

RED January

https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chlomarshall Posters: RED January 1 RED January 2 RED January 3 RED January 4 RED January 5 RED January 6 ( https://redtogether.co.uk/?ctaId=%2Fget-involved%2Fdonate-or-fundraise%2Ftake-on-an-active-challenge%2Frun-for-mind%2Fred-january%2Ftemplate-slices-1%2Fabout-x-event%2F )   https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chlomarshall

Social Media Generation

( https://breaktheframe.com/facebook-hiatus/ ) I am an unfortunate part of the social media generation. The majority of the time, I hate it - 'it' being specifically Facebook. I have, as of today, deactivated my personal account and created one just for my own positivity. There are zero friends on it - no one there for me … Continue reading Social Media Generation


( https://pin.it/qgehj664vdtrek ) Viola Davis Born in South Carolina in 1965, raised in Rhode Island. Viola is married and has a daughter. Viola studied at Juilliard. Viola has a theatre degree, achieved in 1988. ( http://www.violadavis.net ) In what has become my favourite scene in How to Get Away with Murder, Viola as Annalise Keating, takes … Continue reading Viola