Blondie's voice rises above the nearby chatter, "Just lick it off." She tilts her head, smiles shyly, "I'd rather just wash my hands, thanks." The table of people watches her go with amused, frustrated smiles on their faces. "Some people just don't like it. It's like an OCD kind of thing... Is she OCD?" Asks… Continue reading Yeah


I saw you Last night Emaciated Half dead. All I could do was cry Scream Asking the same question Again and again Where is he? He's gone, where is he? That isn't him, where is he? Then morning came I woke up exhausted I woke up sad I woke up angry.


Lesson Prompt: Write a 250 word story. Person A wakes up to find Person B sitting on the edge of their bed. Person A reacts... The time is 6:40am. Sun is just starting to shine through the curtains, making silhouettes appear on the walls. It is early, the birdsong being the only sounds coming from the streets… Continue reading Alex