Triumphant (REDJanuary)

Along this road, there is a school. A school that left with enough trauma that I have not been able to walk by it since I left at age 12. Despite many attempts and the support of a friend - it was just never something I could do without extreme anxiety. Today though, I smashed … Continue reading Triumphant (REDJanuary)

Hello, I am Chloe

    Growing up, I was always a happy and confident child. I was the joker, the little comedian going out of her way to make silly faces and look daft in the hope of making people smile. Always putting on shows, dancing and joking. As the years went by and I grew older, things … Continue reading Hello, I am Chloe

Much Better

I miss my camera. My big, pain in the arse, bulky camera. I miss photography. I chose not to bring my camera with me, to protect it from damage and potential break-ins. I miss Sunday morning strolls. I realised, rather late, that these are things to be easily rectified. I have a camera on my … Continue reading Much Better

…But Not Too Much

I decided I need to treat this place as though it is home because that is exactly what it is now. For the last couple of weeks, I have walked around and ventured to different areas without much thought. At home, I used to go out for a Pepsi, sit and relax and enjoy the … Continue reading …But Not Too Much

Inspiration is Everywhere

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) As always - credit where credit is due. None of these images belong to me. Be respectful of other's art and reference them. xoxo.     


9 years and not a scratch. It never goes away - the thought. It follows me everywhere. Perhaps not every day, but on the bad days. On the days where I don't wish to speak or communicate, I reach for the blade. Holding it in my palm, I feel the scratch upon my skin. Never … Continue reading TRIGGER WARNING

If You Could See Me Now

"I'm trying to make you proud Do everything you did I hope you're up there with God saying "That's my kid!" I still look for your face in the crowd Oh if you could see me now Would you stand in disgrace or take a bow If you could see me now would you recognize … Continue reading If You Could See Me Now