Today I Was A Soldier

I have returned 'home' - to my┬ámother's house. To start this time off well, to hit the ground running - I set off to Church this morning. I thought a calming and comforting environment would be nice, maybe one or two familiar faces that I would not be opposed to seeing. I found myself surrounded … Continue reading Today I Was A Soldier


For February, I gave up carbonated drinks. No more Pepsi, no more Dr Pepper, no more! I expected to struggle, for it to be incredibly difficult to accomplish. I was wrong. I have managed so incredibly well and I am now in a place where I have not wanted to bring them back into my … Continue reading February


Happy January! It is already a month of discovery and firsts. I have started the year off with a bang and already done several things that I have never before done. What an experience! I am a teetotal person, I have zero interest in any kind of substances or drugs (apart from caffeine). This did … Continue reading January

I Did This Thing

Reminiscence She walks merrily through the streets without conscious thought. Headphones dangling down over her summer top, swinging from side to side as her steps quicken. She walks with exhilaration, a bounce in her step. Stopping briefly and taking her iPod and phone from her pockets to place them in her bag alongside her headphones, … Continue reading I Did This Thing