A Little Something New

In 2018, I moved to the City. It was an exciting adventure and I made a point of looking at some activities I might be able to do while living here. Things that had often crossed my mind but were unattainable while living in the village I was raised. Some things were an exciting thought, … Continue reading A Little Something New


"Residential Population: 21,707." "The proportion of ethnic minorities is 4.6% - significantly lower, by 12.2%, than nearby regions." This is where I grew up. I do not recall any child being from an ethnic minority at school. I do not recall seeing a person who was not white. This is where I grew up. I … Continue reading Unimaginably


...and so she left, with her head held high and tears in her eyes. The footpath was uneven and overgrown beneath her boots, her thoughts focused not on balance but on not looking back. The face in the shadows behind her, one of anger and remorse, a face that she had once known so, so … Continue reading Silence

Who I Am

Me not saying hello to someone in the street is not me being rude. It is me not believing that they know who I am. It is me not imagining that they will wish me to speak. Today, someone unexpected knew details of my life - common knowledge details - and it threw me. People … Continue reading Who I Am

Trying something new

Prompt: "Why are you glaring at me?" "I’m hoping you’ll spontaneously combust."   “…I’ve had a bit of a shit year. I got divorced.” “Sorry to hear that.” “I’m not. Bastard cheated.” As she approaches the group, she slows down to debate whether to keep on walking silently or pause to exchange polite chit-chat. Hearing … Continue reading Trying something new

The Online Dating Game

I deleted some things today. I have repeatedly used dating apps and websites with the casual mindset that 'I might find someone decent to chat to.' It only ever ends one of two ways; 1 - there's that one person who can hold a decent conversation which leads to months of discussions and happy butterflies. … Continue reading The Online Dating Game


1918-1939 Reading Writing Mathematics Science Home Economics 2016/2017 English Mathematics  Science Art and Design Citizenship Computing Design and Technology Geography History Languages Music Physical Education After some random thinking, I was curious about what the differences were regarding education we received and the education our grandparents received. It is these topics that pop up in … Continue reading Education