This is worth seeing - such an amazing journey and it still stays with me, on my mind frequently. Katherine Brooks, ladies and gentlemen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgE0aWIojbM


For February, I gave up carbonated drinks. No more Pepsi, no more Dr Pepper, no more! I expected to struggle, for it to be incredibly difficult to accomplish. I was wrong. I have managed so incredibly well and I am now in a place where I have not wanted to bring them back into my … Continue reading February


"Residential Population: 21,707." "The proportion of ethnic minorities is 4.6% - significantly lower, by 12.2%, than nearby regions." This is where I grew up. I do not recall any child being from an ethnic minority at school. I do not recall seeing a person who was not white. This is where I grew up. I … Continue reading Unimaginably


A friend said to me yesterday, "I have to try, right?" Yes. You do. Fighting against social anxiety, off they went to socialise after a long break away from such things. This morning, I asked him, "Did you have a good night?" Yes. I did. Small steps win the race, folks. Know your limits and … Continue reading Try

Make those Choices

Take a breath, Wear that dress, that top. Change your shoes, Put on those heels. Straighten your posture, Raise your head to look them in the eye. Choose what you want, Ignore the voices that tell you differently, that shame you. Embrace your difference, Choose to change what you aren't comfortable with. Make those changes. … Continue reading Make those Choices


Moving does not solve all problems - I was aware of this. I had reminded myself of this everytime I saw a film where the protagonist's past followed them into their present. Moving felt like breathing. Almost like for the first time in my whole goddamn life, I could breathe easy. No more elephants sitting … Continue reading Breathe

I Know

I know I wasn't what you expected, I was never a girly girl, Karate took precedence over dancing lessons, I was rough around the edges always. I know I dashed your hopes, I never fit into the expected box, I saw people for who they really were, I stood out always. I know I'm different, I … Continue reading I Know

I Haven’t Read A Magazine In Years

The first thing I notice, is the ads. Then there’s a delightful article about how at 21 some young lady has just finished Uni with a ‘shiny new degree’ - reminding me that at 25, I’m at the age where people assume I’ve either been and finished Uni or I shan’t ever go. Then I … Continue reading I Haven’t Read A Magazine In Years